Web Design


Thinking about starting a blog or small business?

A passion of mine has been creating website, blogs and online portfolios for a long time. But I have also been in the position of looking online for services that are WAY out of my budget, and also SUPER complicated so I have just given up.

As a blogger myself I think it’s important to support others in their quest to start something new. That’s why I have started this little side business to help you get started for the lowest cost.

I also understand that some people want to learn how to take over the blog themselves, so I give you a personal lesson to show you the ropes, or I can upload and post blogs for you.

I have come up with a few packages, but if you think you need something a little more specific, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and I can come up with a package that’s going to work for you and your budget.