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The Little Days

Visiting nursing care facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, etc.

The Little Days & Co.

The Little Days is an overseas inspection program for nursing care facilities, design companies, and architecture companies that want to visit nursing care facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

This is a very special and unique opportunity to not only visit a nursing home, but also to exchange ideas and have discussions. This is the kind of consulting business that only The Little Days & Co. can provide.

In addition, by concluding a partnership agreement with us (The Little Days & Co.), for example, we can offer overseas training to staff members who have been with us for five years, which will lead to "retention" as more staff members will work towards five or more years of service. It will also increase the number of applications from job seekers who know that such a wonderful overseas training program is available, which will greatly contribute to your company's recruitment activities.

The Little Days(小さな日々)とは、オランダやドイツ・スウェーデンなどの介護施設を見学したい介護事業所・デザイン会社・建築会社の方を対象にした、海外視察事業です。

現地にて介護施設の見学だけでなく、ディスカッションもできる特別で至高な時間を提供いたします。これは、The Little Days & Co.だからこそできるコンサルティング事業といえます。

また、弊社(The Little Days & Co.)とパートナーシップ協定を締結していただくことによって、たとえば勤続年数5年経過したスタッフ様に海外視察研修を提供することで、5年以上の勤続年数を目指して働くスタッフが増えるため「定着」に繋がります。また、そんな素晴らしい海外視察研修があると知った求職者からの応募も増え、貴社の採用活動に大きく寄与します。




The overseas facilities all have approaches that are 180 degrees different from those in Japan, so it is sure to be a wonderful experience of a lifetime.

The consulting fee will vary depending on the number of days of stay, the number of people, and the number of facilities visited. Please consult with us first.

If you are a corporation that is interested in a partnership agreement, please contact us now.

The Little Days & Co.
The Little Days & Co.
The Little Days & Co.
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