10 ways to save money on your groceries

10 ways to save money on your groceries

  1. Meal Plan

I know I’ve said it before but meal planning can make a huge change to your budget and keep you organised and on task for the week. It also allows you to write a shopping list that is relevant to what you need without buying unnecessary items. I always work out what is happening that week (the days we are both working I usually plan a slow cooker meal so I don’t have to find the energy after work to cook a full meal) and sometimes even look at the weather forecast to workout what days we will want winter warmers or summer salads.

2. Plan to eat Vegetarian at least once a week.

Meat is one of the most expensive items you can buy at the supermarket. Bulk up a meal with Veggies only and you can eat big for less.

3. Write a list and stick to it!


After you’ve written your meal plan write your list. Because you already know what meals you will be making, by writing the exact items you need will mean you’re not buying things you don’t need. It’s also easier to stay focussed and on task if you are just looking for the items on your list and not just browsing aisles.

*Extra Hack- Do your shopping ONCE a week with a little top up of milk and bread if you need it. If you are at the supermarket daily you can easily find extra snacks and ingredients that you don’t need and soon enough you’re spending $50 a day!

4. Clean out your Fridge BEFORE you do your weekly shop.


Cleaning out your fridge before going to the supermarket each week is a great way to see what items you have, what’s gone out of date and what needs to be replaced. It also encourages you to organise your groceries properly which makes for a clean fridge, fruit and veg last longer (because they aren’t in a space with older fruit and veg), and faster meal prep throughout the week.

5. Look through the pantry!

So often we run to the supermarket without checking what we already have in our pantries. Which also usually means that we can end up buying more than we need or buying doubles. It may be an annoying thing to do weekly, but by getting in the habit of looking at what you already have, you can save lots of money!

*Extra Hack- Having a clean and organised pantry makes this step so much easier and faster. If you need some tips on getting your pantry organised you can watch my Pantry Organisation video on YouTube.

6. Buy items in bulk when on sale.

*NOTE- do not buy items that have short expiry dates or items you don't use regularly. I always look for items such as butter, long life soy milk, cereals and canned tomatoes etc. This is a no brainer… if you know it’s something that you buy every week and it’s half price…. stock up and save money on your grocery bill the following week. Winning!

7. Buy in Season

We eat a LOT of berries in our house. But currently blueberries are DOUBLE the price! So, I’ve temporarily cut them out of the grocery list. By buying fruit and veg that are in season you can save LOADS of money. Blueberries are currently $8 per punnet (Usually $4 or less), we go through 3 a week which would cost me $24. It all adds up and $24 less a week brings the total down.

8. Don’t shop while hungry

This ones pretty obvious but at the same time easy to forget. When you’re on a time crunch and race to the supermarket when you have the opportunity it’s easy to forget you haven’t eaten lunch until you get to there and suddenly the chip aisle is looking really delicious. If you are well fed before your trip to the supermarket it is easier to stay focussed and only buy the items on your list.

9. Leave the kids at home

When kids get involved at the supermarket it suddenly turns a 30 minute shop into 3 hours, 2 tantrums and LOTS of bribes later. Kids are quick to find the brightly coloured packaging and sugar loaded treats which are not on your shopping list and then continue to ask repeatedly, without breath, until you give in, or turn their noses up at every dinner plan you have because they don’t eat anything except spaghetti. Or it that just mine?

10. Shop at Aldi

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 2.30.05 pm.png

Ok, so it doesn’t have to be Aldi. But finding a cheaper supermarket makes a huge difference. I understand that Aldi doesn’t stock everything. I have cut back to only needing a couple of items from Woolies or Coles (which I stock up on fortnightly), while the rest I have either adapted to the different brands or found a similar item or product at Aldi. So far I have saved a MINIMUM of $50 a week! That’s over $2600 a year!!

Thank you so much for reading my grocery saving tips. If you have any hacks that have worked for you please let me know!

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