Summer Reading (Listening) List

Summer Reading (Listening) List

It’s no secret that I am mad about Audiobooks. Here are 5 books that I am here to recommend for you this summer. Although admittedly, they can be read (listened to) all year round.


A simple favour was made into a move and released last year, 2018. I listened to it before I watched the movie and have to say I really enjoyed both even through they have very different endings. Both physiological thrillers, the movie has more comedy, bought by Anna Kendrick, whilst the movie is creepier and has more of a ‘Gone Girl’ theme. Both I found to be quite slow to start off with, but, stick with it and the endings are far more entertaining.


I have been talking about this book for a long time and will continue to as I am a proud member of The Barefoot cult. Finances have never been a strong point of mine but Scott Pape breaks it down and makes it super easy to control your money, save and gives great life lessons. He also makes everything easy to understand and follow. I have listened to this one twice, the first to just bullet through, the second I kept pausing to take notes, and each time felt more motivated and empowered.


I have never read Michael Robotham but since listening to this book, I now understand the hype. Another thriller, this one will keep you on your toes and make you hold you little ones just that bit tighter.


This book makes your rethink the way you interact with others, how you respect yourself through being vulnerable, and how you can further yourself by cutting out the bullshit and being very real with yourself and those around you. Brene Brown has done a lot of research and study over the years and this book is explains to the average joe how they can better themselves in the different aspects of their lives. It relates to work life, parenting and social situations so basically a book for everyone.


I first heard about Sandra Pankhurst on the Podcast- Australian True Crimes (it’s great, check it out if you haven’t already). Sarah Krasnostein, the Author of this book, followed Sandra around and documented her day to day (which is pretty crazy as is) but also learnt about her life (which is filled with so much trauma, bravery and compassion). Sandra was chosen for a reason. Her experiences are incredible, her gender transformation courageous and her kindness after all she has been through is admirable. Sandra grew up in Melbourne and if you live in the areas, she has probably lived near you at some point in her life.

Thanks so much for checking out my list this summer, if you have a book you think I would like to read and share please let me know.


Mother of Daughters

Mother of Daughters

Getting ready for Kinder!!

Getting ready for Kinder!!