Baby Shower gift ideas...

Baby Shower gift ideas...

A friend of ours is having a baby!! We, like many, want to help bring this baby into the world showered with gifts. But so often we think about presents for the baby, and not so much for the very new parents. I prefer to put together a little survival kit for mum and dad. All of these things I have put in are things that I have found incredibly helpful. I also like to include a card, I get mine from Moon Pig, which explains all of the items. 

Here is a list of the items in this basket, however you can change items depending on the families life style, where they live and things that you, yourself have found helpful. 

-A drink bottle you can open with one hand. Having a tiny human often feeding, sleeping or just being in your arms means you have to learn to do many tasks with just one hand. Having a drink bottle you can open with one hand is super easy, and if the new mum is planning on breast feeding, they will be dehydrated all the time!!!

-The organisation clip. I have one of these on both of my prams and use it daily. Its the perfect hook for the dog lead so I can go for lengthy walks, or and extra space for hanging shopping whilst out and about. 

- Ice cube tray. I find this to be the perfect size for freezing baby food! its smaller than the baby food ones, but I find that one cube is enough bolognese for our pasta, and when really tiny I would often freeze different vegetables and fruits and combine different flavours at different meals. 

-A reusable coffee cup. Have you ever made a coffee, tea, or in my case soy chai, and by the time you've got a second to drink it, it's gone cold? Not only do the reusable coffee cups keep drinks hotter longer, they also reduce the chance of spilling the hot drink on your little babe.

-Chocolate and Lollies. These are to be packed in the hospital bag. Some people like to suck on something sweet in labour whilst others (myself included) like to indulge after birth. 

-Multi mams. These are a saviour if breast feeding. Once the milk comes in and your boobs feel like they might explode... literally... burst, pop, kaboom. And your nipples feel like they could burst into flames... These little beauties will sit on your nipple, inside your bra and will sooth, cool and make like altogether more bearable.

-Water Wipes. Often on hospital lists they will put cotton wool instead of wipes. Most baby wipes out there have lots of chemicals in them, and babies skin can be sensitive. Water wipes don't have any chemicals and are 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract. Billie was also allergic to all of the baby wipes on her face. She would get immediate eczema, which would look horribly red and painful. Water wipes were the only thing we could use on her face without causing a reaction.

-A couple of outfits for the baby. Because babies clothes are SO STINKING CUTE!

-A play mat. We had a couple of play mat's which was super helpful. Babies often spit up, projectile vomit and have nappy explosions. By having a few I was able to wash and replace as needed. (And it was needed often). 

-A book. One of my favourites is 'Kissed by the moon', by Alison Lester. At my own baby shower they asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card so we have a huge library of beautiful books with little notes from friends and family. It's always lovely to open up the cover and see the little messages. 

I hope this was helpful for those who are looking for ideas. If you have anything else you found helpful let me know. I'd love to hear some more ideas. 

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