Pros and cons of sharing a room and bunk beds

Pros and cons of sharing a room and bunk beds

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When Leni turned 2 we decided that she would start sharing a room with her sister Billie. We do have 3 bedrooms but our house is tiny so having the girls share a room would mean freeing up another space so the desktop computer could finally have a home (aside from the dining table) and the never ending reign of toys could be shoved into a room and the door closed. I have a pretty strict rule about the girls room being somewhat clean (in case Billie needs to go to the bathroom, or I need to go in for any reason) which is far easier to do now that the majority of their toys are in another room.

Some people have no choice in kids sharing a room, whilst others choose to. I was skeptical at first. They both slept so well, so what if one wakes up and then wakes the other. Am I starting something that renders my hard core sleep schedule irrelevant? I had never shared a room myself so had no idea what it would really look like.

I started off my adding Leni’s cot to Billie room. The first night was filled with giggles and conversations and the girls took ages to fall asleep. And although I was thinking “what have I created” I couldn’t help but think how cute it was. It took a few days to adjust to the new excitement of sharing a room but the girls quickly got used to each other. Billie will often tell Leni to “go to sleep” and Leni will ask for particular toys to be thrown into her cot. We then took the side of the cot off after a few months and had a few issues with Billie explaining that she can’t ignore Leni and go to sleep because Leni was in her bed. But that soon passed and sharing a room became normal but still those little conversations and giggles can be heard as they say good night to each other. Heart swelling. 😍

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BUNK BEDS! Billie has been asking for a bunk bed for about a year. Ever since she found out that sharing a room could result in bunks. At first I wanted to get the really low bunk beds. I was nervous about the height of normal bunks and the fact that Billie is only 4. However, she is very capable and when it comes to things like bunk beds you simply have to trust in your child and their abilities. I knew that Billie would be fine with the height and climbing wouldn’t be an issue but as all parents do, I assume the worst thing will happen before it ever does. But when I actually looked at one in person I realised that Leni could barely sit up on the bottom bunk and the bed would be short lived. Another big factor for our family is that we read stories every night and there was no way we could fit under there. So the search for something that would work for our family began. I looked at LOADS of bunks and my mum suggested one with a double on the bottom, so we can all sit together comfortably. The bed we ended up choosing was the Bondi from snooze. It’s a really solid bed which can be used as a bunk or as two seperate beds. Winning!

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Adjustment period over, the girls LOVE sharing a room and I LOVE them being together. They seem closer than before and when they wake in the morning, they have a little chat and play together in their room. Cuteness overload!


  • Extra space in the house

  • Peer education, they ask for help and assistance from each other.

  • Easy for travelling, because they are already comfortable sleeping together

  • They get used to each others noises and therefore are able to sleep through other noises as well.

  • They become closer, like little besties

  • They learn how to communicate, compromise and work collaboratively, which is hugely helpful when they get older.

  • They learn to SHARE

  • Bunk beds create extra space in the room

  • They create a new place to play

The things that suck

  • Making bunk beds is annoying…but so is any bed pushed agains a wall

  • There is the potential for falling so know what your child is capable of

  • Children will grow out of bunks at some point so either spend the money to have bunks that can be separated or buy something cheap that you don’t mind throwing out after a few years, or selling on eBay/ gumtree.

  • Tucking your child at the top in bed can be annoying because you have to half climb the ladder yourself

  • Tucking your child in at the bottom can lead to you bumping your own head…especially if you’ve had a few drinks… not talking from experience at all.

I hope this helps all those who are considering making the jump to a shared room and bunks.

Love Em,


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