Hi there,

I am Emma and welcome to my blog. I have two beautiful daughters (not biased at all 😝), Billie and Leni. My Husband and I have been married since 2012 and I am lucky enough to say that I love him more every day and can't wait to go on more adventures with him in the future. 

I have been working in Early Childhood Education for many years and a lot of my parenting comes from having that background. I love hearing from and sharing with other parents about the different challenges we overcome, or don't (and thats okay too). Whether it be finding a recipe with hidden goodness for my fussy eater, to finding comfort in this body that has grown two humans, yet still sometimes feels foreign to me. Having an online community of parents experiencing the same thing is so incredibly helpful. 

Warning: I can over share. I have learnt through motherhood that so often a concern that we have ourselves is often shared with others who aren't brave enough to talk it out. So often I find myself blabbing about having to use nipple shields or struggling after the birth of my second daughter, only to learn that I'm not alone. So many others out there experience the same things but no one talks about it. I know that having these open conversations makes me feel more normal, whatever that means. And I hope that sharing my experiences will help reach someone else. 

So join me for this crazy ride call life and hopefully we can all lift each other up to being better people.